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Master Practitioner & Professional Coach 


Mr. Othman is an MBTI Master Practitioner dedicated to empowering individuals and teams to reach their highest potential. With extensive experience and a proven track record of success in the Massachusetts Teachers Association, the Connecticut Education Association, and the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities, Reda is a trusted partner in guiding clients toward achieving their goals. His expertise lies in providing leadership development and communication training to help teams accomplish the organization's vision. Through a personalized and empowering approach, Mr. Othman inspires clients to unlock their true potential and create meaningful and lasting change. With a genuine passion for helping others succeed, Mr. Othman is committed to positively impacting the lives of those he works with. Mr. Othman will earn his doctorate in Transformative Leadership in 2024.

Accomplishments & Notable Honors 

  • Innovative Change Leadership Certification 

  • Dedicated Mentor for the Teacher Education And Mentoring Program (TEAM) in the State of CT

  • Evaluator of the Teacher and Principal Evaluation in the State of CT

  • Nationally recognized as an MBTI Master Practitioner 

  • Member of the Massachusetts Education Association

  • Featured as a panelist in the Educational Leadership Program in Longmeadow, MA

  • Served as a panelist at Mount Holyoke College, contributing insights and perspectives on diversity development in public schools.

  • Mentor in the Cooperating Teacher Program, offering guidance and support for the ASPIRE educators

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